Buying a new 00 Dakota

From: Nate (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 10:51:03 EDT

They say the 4.7L puts out 235HP, I personally think
it's a shuweeet motor, gets a little batter gas
mileage too! I drove one a couple weeks ago and
absolutely loved it! My salesman didn't go with me,
(test drove so many times he's sick of riding with me
I think) BIG MISTAKE!! Had 3 miles on the odo when I
left and 58 when I came back with almost a quarter
tank of gas burned and 1/4" less rubber on the back
feet! LOL. No but in all seriousness, I thought it
was a great motor, PLENTY of power! (Managed to get a
tiny scratch in 5th gear) If you want more info on the
4.7L goto the following URL and download the full
report by mopar action.">

Theres a dealer in farmington NM that I know of that
offers something like 300 over factory invoice or
something. You can visit em at:

Hope that helps you out a little!

|Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 22:23:07 -0700
|From: Terry Martin <>
|Subject: DML: Buying a new 00 Dakota
|I will be purchasing a new Dakota in the next few
|weeks. I want a 2wd,
|club cab, tire and handling package, sport, V8,
|manual tranny, etc...
|I'll probably end up having to order one.
|I noticed that Dodge changed from the 318 to to a
|4.something SOHC
|motor. Does anyone know the output of this motor? I
|haven't been to a
|dealership yet to pick up a brochure. Are there any
|technical write ups
|on the internet about the new motor? I've always
|been a pushrod motor
|fan and I'm weary of the new SOHC motor. Are there
|any opinions out
|there about this motor? I'm looking at making this
|truck my daily
|driver. My other car (see tag line below) is my
|toy. So, I'm not
|looking to modify it in the future (famous last
|Also, I was looking at the Melton Sales, Inc
|( for
|internet sales of new
|vehicles. They offer anything at $275 under
|invoice. However, they are
|about 1300 miles away. Does anyone know of another
|dealership that
|offers similar deals but is a little further west
|than OK?

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