Re: Shaker Hood, CFM Comparisons, Questions..Sorry Long

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Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 10:09:41 EDT

Many thanks to all the DML'ers who posted a response
to these questions on the efficiency of this shaker hood.

Jon's post on the this subject was very logical and helped
put the ram air effect into perspective. Why not take published
test proven results (the Hemi's scoop at 300mph=1/4psi) and break
them down into given vehicle speed and PSI/HP relationships. Granted
there are more variables involved but this at least gives us an idea of
what HP numbers we can expect to generate at Dakota speeds.

If 1 psi= 11.6 horsepower, then ram air at 60mph the PSI/hp is only
.05/.523! Sorry thats not enough to bother or waste $$ on. You also
have to worry about the element SIZE/CFM rating 14x2.5/662.7 .

This also proves Patrick right:
> -If your looking for my opinion, I think that any shaker hood is
> cosmetic, not a performance increasing modification. My belief is the
> original intent when these hoods were put on the older Barracuda's and
> Mach1's was to have the power of the engine show by a vibrating scoop
> visible to anyone looking at the hood. These cars basically had a race
> engine installed in them with a very racy, rough idling camshaft, and
> the shaker hood showcased the power.

So Whats the hot CFM ram air hood were looking for? With this info it
looks like an Eric class ram air hood with large element or some type of
pressurized 8-9"cone rated at 833+ CFM. On the other hand Patrick
said if you have the engine power the shaker is a nice way to show it
Hehe...I don't have that much power, but I still like the shaker.

GS -

98 5.2L 5spd

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