Re: Crate 360 "ci" to an "NV4500" manual

From: Jon Steiger (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 22:22:12 EDT

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Jack Hilton wrote:
> At 12:52 PM 8/30/1999 EDT, you wrote:
> >no its one of those old Willy power wagon type deal. is the R/t's 360 and a
> >crate 360 the same thing? They did say NV4500 and they didn't show or say
> >anything about any problems. And whats a C.A.F.E.????
> Nope , the crate 360 is not the same engine and will not even work in an
> R/T . Lot's of differences . It is maily designed as a simple ,
> cost-effective solution for engine swaps in older Mopars .

   Well... It is and it isn't the same engine... :-) It'll work in an
R/T, depending on how much you want to spend and how much modification
you want to do. Its a magnum engine, so from a mechanical/physical
standpoint, it'll just bolt right in. (Although I believe they use
a different timing chain cover which may or may not interfere with the
fan? If its not the cover, its something else; I don't exactly recall
what it was though) The block, bore stroke, heads, etc are the same.
The cam is different, and the cam in the 380hp version is even wilder.
They also have different intakes from the street versions; 300hp has a
dual plane M1, 380hp has a single plane M1.

  The crate engines are set up for carbeurators, so you should be
able to just bolt the puppy in, throw a carb on top, and go smoke
the meats. ;-) However, if you want all the guages to work and
stuff, you'll need to hook up the computer and the fuel rail. I
don't see any reason why you couldn't physically connect the
sensors and such for the computer to the 300 or 380 crate motors.
(The 380 engine is actually set up for injectors, you just need to
drill out the bosses that are already there. Either that, or buy
an MPI intake for $200 or so.) However, you probably will have a
problem when the computer gets an eyeful of what that hairy cam is
doing. You'll probably get a bunch of misfire DTCs and such. A
custom re-program may be able to solve that problem. (?)

   If a re-program isn't workable, you can always use an aftermarket
fuel injection system from somebody like Rance. (Like the one on the
One Lap Valiant.) Expect to drop a grand or two on that though. Plus,
that still doesn't solve the problem of having none of the guages work.
You could always use aftermarket guages with the aftermarket FI or a
carb, of course, but if you're going for the factory look that isn't
always easy to pull off.

  Of course, I haven't even mentioned emissions and such. :-)
Putting a crate motor into a Dak is probably illegal or wouldn't pass
inspection in most states. You could probably actually get it to pass
a sniffer test, especially if it was fuel injected (?) but it would
probably fail the visual, depending on how picky the inspectors
want to be. The HEMI orange block and heads don't exactly look
factory. :-) I suppose you could tell them you painted your 318
or 360. If you swapped the intake out for a stock 360 or 318
intake, you just might get away with it. ;-)



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