Re: RE: Shopping for a this right?

From: andy (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 13:15:43 EDT

Well, going to another store is a moot point now - I bought there anyway
($6.40 for the stat and gasket). If I don't install it, I don't install
it. I'm out of time for this weekend, maybe next. I did go to the
pther parts place (Parts America I think?) in town and finally found a
Haynes manual for GenIII Dakotas/Durangos, so I picked that up.

Ronald Wong wrote:
> A bunch of half-truths. Could cause more emissions because all fuel may not
> be completely consumed. May never get out of closed loop if temp doesn't
> reach required "operating temperature" as PCM expects, though 180 would be
> less likely to do that than the 160. You have a 99...PCM is pretty smart in
> a gen III, more than likely will compensate for the fuel as well. I agree
> with Bernd, go to another store.
> Ron
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> Ok, I went out to Advance Auto Parts to get my 180 T-stat in hopes of
> solving my pinging ('99 318). The guy there seemed to not even want my
> business. First, he tells me it's illegal except for off-road use due
> to emissions. Then he tells me my mileage will go in the crapped, and
> the system will never get out of closed-loop because of the temperature.
> Now, maybe I'm misremembering, but hasn't everyone here been in general
> very happy with the 180 T-stat? What was this guy's problem? I got a
> Stant "heavy-duty" model.

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