Re: Finally!

From: Eric Giblock (
Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 23:32:52 EDT

i used t ohave the 40-series on my 3.9v6. it sounded bad ass.. up
until the point where the back of it rusted out adn then it sounded
like a race car when i took off.

now i got a go raven exhaust on the truck, with duals coming out the
back of the truck, and i'll never go back.. this exhaust system on
there now is awesome..

but don't get me wrong. the 40-series is a great thing as well..

Eric Giblock

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:02:31 -0400, (Bill Pitz)

>On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:40:37 -0400, ("Valentin
>Garcia") wrote:
>>Well ladies and gents, I finally have some real mods! Well... actually they
>>are on their way. I just ordered an Intense Perfermance Stage II Intake with
>>a 9" power stack filter, and tomorrow I am having my exhaust installed. I
>>bought a Flowmaster Deltaflow 40 series today for around $70 bucks, it's 2.5
>>single in and 2.5 single out, and I'm gonna put a 3" tip on it.
>>At this time I want to thank my wife who really made this possible. Thanks
>>Babe! Also to the DML for all your advice and of course doing all the
>>research for me so I don't have to ;-)
>Hmm. The only thing I wonder about is how the 40 series is going to
>sound on a V6. I have a 50 series (basically same exterior sound as
>40 series) on my truck (4.7L) and it sounds great.

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