Re: Who knows about 42RE transmissions?

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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 07:00:08 EDT


I can't be of any help, but we have a grand in the shop now that does
the same exact think. We are trying to figure it out to .


steve preston wrote:

>Hey there! Question:
>We have a 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.0/42RE with 40,000
>miles that is doing some wrong stuff all of a sudden.
>The other day,I did a U-turn in a parking lot,and lost
>drive for about three seconds. Then,it banged into
>gear at about 1500 rpm,and took off. Then the next
>day,it lost drive for about a second as I pulled off
>of my road onto the highway. Both times,the Jeep had
>only been running long enough to get fully warm. I
>checked the fluid level,and it was right in between
>the add/full marks. I added about 1/2-3/4 of a quart
>of fluid to make it exactly full,and have been driving
>it for about a week now. It has not "slipped" out
>anymore,but as I`m cruising down the road I *think* I
>can feel something,like it is wanting to slip or
>downshift,just ever so slightly. What should I do? My
>prior Dak had this transmission,and a mechanic told me
>(when it was brand new) I should not fail to have the
>transmission flushed out and serviced at 20,000 miles.
>Well,that Dak didn`t last long enough to reach that
>mileage,before I traded for my 2001 Dak. But
>ANYWAY,short story long,with the Jeep,the thought of
>having a transmission flushed out scares me,because I
>have heard horror stories about it being done wrong,or
>the tranny not living much longer afterward. Like I
>said,this is a 2000 model,so I don`t even know if it
>is filled with Chrysler`s latest fluid. Should I have
>it flushed out and the filter replaced,or what?
>Many thanks! Steve P.
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