RE: Went Racing...Tested MP PCM vs. Stock

From: Ronald Taylor (
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 21:56:22 EDT

When I go to the track for testing, my Dakota seems to get it's best run of
the night on it's first your not the only one with this

I usually have about a 60 minute to 90 minute cool down after driving in and
parking in the staging lanes while I go thru tech, open the Nos bottle,

Each additional run only yields a 30-45 minute cool down, so I usually wind
up going slower by about .2-.4 tenths depending on conditions.

I have managed to sit out a round or two and let it Cool off and get with-in
a tenth of my first run.

I've only gone quicker when I start tuning the Nitrous shots or hitting the
Nitrous sooner in the run.

01' Dakota Sport 3.9 4WD

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