Re: Intense Performance Intake Installed!

From: Gary Hedlin (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 11:53:02 EDT

That price for a v8 throttle body is just about right... Of course, you'll
need the v8 throttle cable to do it (should be about $30). Its easy to swap
them out. On porting and polishing it, I would hold off until you had some
more mods on like 1.7 rockers and headers. But installing the V8 throttle
body as is will make a big difference.

Glad to see ya caught the mod bug! :)


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""Valentin Garcia"" <> wrote:

> I got it in Saturday, got home late so I put it in Sunday morning. There is
> definitaly a difference. On start up you can hear the Dak take a big gulp of
> air, there's a slight whistle when idling, and you can really hear it suck
> in air at WOT. It really compliments the Flowmaster too. I felt I lost a bit
> of low end, But it's a lot better now.
> In an earlier post someone asked where I was going to get a V-8 TB, Well
> first I'm going to look locally and see if I can get it off a wrecked 5.9. I
> also went to and registered with them. Basically tell
> them what you want, and they send out the requests to all junkyards, parts
> retailers, etc in their database. I got a response the next day. A guy
> wanted $60 plus $10 shipping for one. I'm gonna wait till after my vacation
> before I start looking though.
> I guess I'll ask this question while on the subject:
> I am planning to have the V-8 TB ported and polished, Is that going to be
> too much for my V6?
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