Re: What muffler are you running with?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 22:46:14 EDT

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On 4/22/2004 7:59 PM, TJG wrote:

| Just wondering what you all have.... Ive got a flow master right now,
but I
| heard that they are some of the most restrictive mufflers that you can
| but god I love the sound. With the SCer going on, what should I be
| to get? I love a fairly loud exhaust when you get on it, but mild while
| cruzing. I dont think that there is a better sounding car than a
| mustang.... what way would I want to go to get close to that?

I had an FM50 (2.5" in/out to match factory) on my '99 and loved the
sound. Like Dave said, you get the signature sound but rolling down the
highway it's not annoying at all.

Wife/fiancee/girlfriend (or all three!) might have a different opinion,
however. Mine did.

With the blower, a 3" exhaust may help. Austin had a 3.5" exhaust on
the Vipertruck - 360 w/ a blower. Probably more than you want though,
as you could FEEL (not just hear) that truck coming down the road.

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