Re: Re: RE: What muffler are you running with?

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 10:04:40 EDT

""TJG"" <> wrote in message
> What does it sound like, you dont by chance have a clip of it doe you?
> come across someone with a Gibson?
> TJ

I'm running a gibson 3" swept side system on my V6. It sounds great at idle
and through most of the RPM range. My only quam is that it gets rather
raspy above 4000 RPM. At about 50 - 55 mph on the highway the in cab
resonation is almost unbearable, but if you go faster than that it quiets
down nicely. Overall I've been very happy with it, and the deal I got on it
was phenominal.

You might want to check out the sounds section of,
Chris has a lot of exhaust sounds on there. I believe that he's got one of
my Gibson as well.

- Josh
Lowered 2000 Dakota CC 3.9L

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