Re: Tranny Fluid Flush?

From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 13:28:58 EDT

Terrible Tom wrote:
> Ok I'm sure this has been squabbled over before heh
> Day off work today - gonna go do the trans fluid change now... I would
> really like to get all that old trans fluid out. Any way I can flush
> the trans out myself? With the engine running the TQ converter is
> spinning - Now - if I were to disconnect the tranny cooler fluid line
> and let the trans pump the remainder of the fluid out (after draining
> the pan) - would I risk roasting my trans?
> How do shops do trans fluid flushes anyway?

Ok - to answer my own message - it seems the word in the archives is
that shops have special equipment that does the fluid flush - didn't see
anyone mention "yeah - just disconnect the cooler lines and let it pump
itself dry!" So I'm going to move that idea over to the "stuff I don't
want to do to my truck" folder.

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