Whisper me a Prayer

From: Kyle Vanditmars (kylevan@telus.net)
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 21:46:34 EDT

My sister's '99 DOHC Neon has (had) a leaky headgasket. Everything's
apart, but that took a day. I started at 9am, and got it fully apart at
around 5:30pm. I have a giant pile of parts strewn about the garage
floor, and the stupid thing probably won't be done until Monday thanks to
my work schedule. Everything's gone relatively smoothly, though, so
hopefully everything goes back together properly, and I'm not left at the
end of things going "gee, I wonder where these five bolts went?"

These things are hellish to work on, I want to shoot whatever engineer at
Chrysler that decided to cram that much crap into that small an engine
bay. I've mangled a knuckle or two so far, hopefully not too many more. :(

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