Re: A little upset with Dodge AND KRC

From: Tony Cellana (
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 11:30:38 EDT

Not backing anyone up here as you do have apoint or two to be pissed about.
BUT, whenever you are doing a larger project, something will always get
screwed up. The best way to avoid it is to plan. This includes getting all
your parts in hand ahead of time, and double checking the existance and
correctness of all needed parts.

As for the oil drainback, have you verified that the timing cover is the
correect one that is able to handle the drainback line? (Just checking).

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt.

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Date: Friday, April 23, 2004 10:06 PM
Subject: DML: A little upset with Dodge AND KRC

>I'll start with Dodge.... About 5 months back I ordered new lights, grill
>motor mounts intake manifold gasket set etc etc.... about 1000 dollars
>of stuff. All in anticipation of getting the SCer that I have now sitting
>on the floor. I started yesterday with the intake, got it all off and
>tonight went to put it all back and went to get the gaskets and found them
>to be for a 6 banger.... So im at a complete stop with this, that should
>enough right there, I should be starting this thing on sunday, but thanks
>this, IM NOT
>Now with KRC... on thier website it says that some trucks (like mine) have
>fitting on the timing cover that you can use for the SCer oil return line,
>just order the fitting from them, which I did along with the check valves
>for the buffer CKT.... that was about last Tues (i think) when I spoke to
>Marty himself, he said I would have them this week to me for certain..
>Friday today, no parts, call and talk to a Kevin, parts never got sent,
>wasnt aware of the order... says Marty will deffinately call me back about
>it today... no call back, another hold up.... Id say 60% of the time I call
>the phone never picks up.... Marty, if you are reading this, please email
>me, I need to get this thing up and running!!!!

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