RE: Shameless Self Promotion..

From: Travis Bailey (
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 13:46:28 EDT

Yes, I ran a best of 16.7 @ 80 with the stock computer (made 4 runs), and a
best of 16.29 @ 83 with the MP computer. My reaction time was also more
than a tenth slower on the 16.29 run, would that get added to the time
difference (say I had cut the same .067 r/t instead of a .179, would that
difference be subtracted from the total ET?). Anyway that is a solid 4
tenths and 3 MPH. I think there was more in it, but it was really windy out
and my truck sets pretty high in front so I think after 1/2 way down it
started to slow me down more. I checked the differences on one of those
horsepower calculators on the internet (yeah, I know, no dyno, but I'm poor,
lol), that estimated roughly 25-26 HP, which seems to go along very well
with others results..

'92 Dak 5.2 4x4

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