O2 Sensors

From: Jay & Dana (jay&dana@telus.net)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 20:42:28 EDT

Hey guys,
Just wondering if one companies make of 02 sensors is better than the
others for our Daks?
I have 3 choices, Mopar, NGK, or Bosch.
NAPA-NGK, Front $90.00, Rear $80.00
Dodge- Mopar, $94.00 each
Lordco-Bosch, Front $76.00, Rear $107.00
Canadian Tire-Bosch, Front $78.00, Rear $114.00 (All in Canadian Dollars)
The thing I'm curious about is why the aft cat 02 sensor costs more than the
pre cat when all the aft cat 02 sensor does is monitor the conditions of
the converter. You'd think the pre cat would cost more as it regulates fuel
mixture etc. via computer.
Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated as gas mileage in my 97,
318 is dropping and I've already replaced cap, rotor, plugs and wires, and
being a 97 I've yet to replace the stock 02 sensors, (Mind you I only have
50,000 Kms on it! :-)

Thank a lot

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