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Date: Sat Dec 02 2006 - 22:30:07 EST

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On 12/2/2006 16:22, Jason Bleazard wrote:
> I'd like to ask a question of anyone who has an in-dash stereo that gets
> satellite (either a factory Sirius unit or aftermarket). What model do
> you have, and what kind of information displays do you get when
> listening to the satellite?
> We've been using an add-on XM tuner, but I'd like to go to an in-dash
> receiver because this is a mess of wires. What I *do* like about the
> one we have is that it has a two-line info display, that'll do either
> station name + artist, or station + song, or artist + song. I'd like it
> even better if it had three lines and could display all of that
> information simultaneously.

I've got an Alpine CDA-9847 in the Subaru, hooked up to the SIR-ALP1
tuner. I get one scrolling line, 15 characters. I can cycle through 4
displays - band/station (number), time/station (number), title and artist.

Have you looked at the Mopar satellite-ready head unit(s)?

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