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David Gersic wrote:
> On Saturday 02 December 2006 08:14 pm, Walt@Walt-n-Ingrid.Com wrote:
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>> (David Gersic) writes:
>>>Does the front driveshaft spin when the transfer case is in 2WD?
>>Yes, there is no from axle disconnect after 1990 on the Dakota. Your front
>>drive shaft still spins with the rotation of the front wheels. It's just
>>disengaged from the transfer case.
> So normally the CV joints and driveshaft would be spinning, just not powered
> by the transfer case? Hm. Ok, I think I see where this is going. But
> shouldn't the driveshaft (or CV joints) be making noise if they're bad, with
> or without the t-case engaged then?

Not necessarily. When the front axle u-joints went out on my Ram this
past summer in Colorado... they were only making noise when the front
axle was under power from the transfercase. Yeah Iknow - CV axles on an
IFS vs u-joints on a solid axle - but the point I'm making is I had bad
front axle componants that only gave off noise under power. A lack of a
noise in 2wd does not always mean there is no problem.

2000+ models have a different front axle set up than older Gen III's.
They went to rack and pinion steering on 4x4's, the front differential
seems lower on the chassis, and the CV's no longer bolt to an inner
flanged axle shaft. They are splined directly into the differential
housing. You may need to crack open the diff and remove a retaining
clip to remove the CV's. But don't quote me on that, as I have not had
any first hand experiance with that revised driveline.

In your attempts to track down the noise, do *not* attempt to drive ANY
four wheel drive Dodge Dakota with one or both of the CV axles removed.
  The spindle nuts keep the wheel bearing and hub units together.
Driving with a CV shaft out *will* cause hub failure.

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