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From: Kyle Kozubal (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2007 - 07:22:37 EST

Interesting.........I test drove a 2006 Hemi 4x4 and
was not impressed with the power, at all.


--- Steve Preston <> wrote:

> List,hi!
> As some of you may know,I have had a 4.7 HO manifold
> and cams on order for a while,and I just wanted to
> keep the list up to speed on the latest
> developments.
> Well,I eventually decided that changing these parts
> alone probably wouldn't do a whole lot,and figured
> I'd
> go a little deeper into the whole process. So,I went
> quite a bit deeper,and I can definitely say (after
> lightening my wallet considerably) that the truck
> just
> is not even the same now. Horsepower is up to nearly
> 350,and torque went way up. The difference is
> incredible! I even have a new overhead console!
> Let me briefly touch on what's changed with the
> motor.
> First off,although the motor still ends in ".7",just
> like it always did,the number left of the decimal is
> physically larger. It's been upsized from a "4" to a
> "5". Then I added eight more plugs. Didn't do it
> intentionally. It's kinda what I ended up with after
> all the other mods. I could not stop myself!
> Bodywise,the truck is also larger than before. And
> there are two more doors on it. And it's black. And
> much taller. Basically,to make a long story short,I
> am
> officially down one Dak. Now this is not to say that
> I'm going away or joining some other list,as most of
> you are no doubt worrying over. I still drive a
> Dak!!
> At least 50 miles a day on average! And this Dak is
> still outside beside the garage,where it will stay!
> Just think of it as now having a big brother to
> watch
> over it! A big,black,brawny new 2007 Dodge Ram QC
> Sport of a brother. It's tremendous! :)
> Thanks!
> Steve P.
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