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Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 07:00:01 EST

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> From: Azie L. Magnusson
> Vehicle::: 1995 Extended cab Dakota 2wd V8(5.2),auto
> (A518/46RH). 350,000+ miles.. All power and A/C.
> FYI:: The '95 5.2 is internally balanced - The '95 5.9 is external.
> If you plan such a transplant, the '96 5.9 is internally balanced,
> so you could use the 5.2 torque converter.

> The Ram 3500 5.9 oil pan will not fit the Dakota chassis..
> It is roughly 2" too long in the deep part. (Ask me how I
> know).

It runs great
> but has left me stranded on 2 seperate occasions since. Once 3
> miles from the house and once @ the house(basically). Still
> no codes. I've checked the coil and the crank position sensor
> by the test methods given in the Service Manual. All check
> out as good. Hasn't died on me for over a week now, but I'm
> frustrated to say the least. I have to go to Floride the 15th of
> March and I plan to drive this truck.. Should I take out
> towing insurance???
> Any and all suggestions considered and appreciated......
> Couple of Q's:: Tranny designation 46RH - what does the
> R stand for?? The H is Hydraulic(I think)..
> When did the A618 go into production and what is the main
> difference between it & the A518????
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> WAR has Never Solved Anything."
> Azie

46RH = Rear-drive, Hydraulic.
A618 should just be a heavier duty version of the A518. Likely just in the
clutch and band areas. Don't know when it was introduced but most likely
used in heavy duty Rams and perhaps diesels.

Regarding your 5.9 install...
Oil pan from a 5.9 Ram Van is a perfect fit in the is a pan from a
'98-newer 5.9 Dak. (actually same part #)

MP has (had?) a torque converter weight kit to balance a neutral converter
to the 5.9's external balancing. Might have saved you some money there. ?

PCM with a "P" prefix is a MP performance version.

Where did you find info that '96 5.9 was internally balanced? Never heard
of such a thing before!

Can't diagnose your stalling issue from here but it's always a good idea to
carry a spare coil and a few sensors with you. I'd go with insurance
too....just in case.


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