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Date: Fri Feb 26 2010 - 18:50:38 EST

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> >>>Al's Transmission shop in Athens, Al. Been buying torque
> > converters from them for 40+ years.. His book has a special
> > notation on the '96 being the 1st year of internal balance for
> > the 5.9.. List the same P/N for the 5.2 & 5.9 in '96 & that is
> > the same P/N as for all Magnum 5.2's according to Al.<<
> > This information isn't accurate. The 5.9 was still externally balanced
> in 96
> > all the way up until it's demise. I wouldn't count on a parts book for
> > information that could end up leading to a very expensive mistake. =/
> Yep, wasn't the 360 always externally balanced? (Even in the
> premag and LA engine days?) I could be wrong, but I thought the
> general rule of thumb was 318 is internally balanced and the 360 is
> external, throughout the entire run of 40+ years?
> ---Jon-

You are correct Jon. The 360 came out in 1971 and has been the only small
block Mopar to be externally balanced. It has always had a cast crank but
the 318's and 340's used forged or cast depending upon year and application.
The 273/318/340 engines have the same stroke. The 360 has a longer stroke
and larger main bearings. The 360's still make great race engines as a
friend of mine has a stock stroke, .030 over, 360 in an Avenger that runs
10.teens in the quarter at 132 mph. Somehow he still wings that cast crank
monster past 7000 rpm! No, it is nowhere near stock....but it has proven
dependable! lol

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