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From: Ray Block (
Date: Sun Feb 28 2010 - 12:50:25 EST

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> From: Jamie Calder
> I found a good article about balancing:
> So if an externally balanced 360 needs a new harmonic balancer, flex plate
> or flywheel (whichever the counter weight are attached to), does the new
> part have to be taken to a machine shop so it can be balanced to match the
> existing parts?
> and which part does a 360 use to balance?
> Thanks,
> James

Typically the 360 is externally balanced by the harmonic balancer AND the
torque converter or flexplate. The factory put the rear weights on the
converter. MP sells a kit of weights to install on the converter if you're
building a 360 and only have a neutral converter to start with...i.e. one
from a 318 or 340 or aftermarket.

Other aftermarket companies (B&M, TCI, etc) have special flexplates for the
360 that eliminate the need to add weight to a converter. As long as the
internals of the 360 are stock, the standard 360 balancer you can buy
anywhere is the appropriate converter and/or weights or
flexplate. No machine shop is needed in this instance.


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