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From: Ray Block (
Date: Sun Feb 28 2010 - 13:24:52 EST

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> From: Azie L. Magnusson
> Ray B. writes: >> Until I get around to changing engines I
> won't be able to tell you the exact difference but the Van's 5.2
> and 5.9 pans have different part numbers. <<
> Wonder why?? Doesn't make sense to me, but Oh well!!

Well Azie, there must be some obvious difference. I don't know yet but
I'll pass along a curious thing that occurred as I was leaving the
dealership with my new Van pan. I ran into a tech I know and he asked what
I'd bought. I told him. He opened the box, looked in and said, "Yep, you
got the right one!" It struck me as odd that he could know that quickly but
I was distracted by someone else before I could ask what the difference was.

> I wasn't meaning to be critical when referencing my experience
> with the different pans Ram/Dak.. Just factual. Yes it is good
> info and I might have tried to get a Van engine had I known it,
> but Vans are not quite as plentiful around here as the trucks.

Actually there is no reason you should have been concerned with buying a Van
engine when the oil pan is available and reasonably priced from any dealer.
As long as the mod you made to your 5.2 pan is working for you, you saved a
few bucks in the deal! :)


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