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Date: Sun Feb 28 2010 - 13:15:24 EST

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> From: Azie L. Magnusson
> Dan K writes:: >> biggest difference: it has an all steel
> 5-pinion overdrive carrier unit. <<
> Will the complete unit from a A618 bolt onto A518??
> I know the early A500's and the A518's carried the same
> p/n for the complete OD assy, therefore were interchangeable.

While the "OD assy" itself was likely the same, and both trans would bolt to
a small block, the length of the complete unit is different and would
therefore require a different driveshaft. Of that I am positive through
personal experience.

> Also if I were for some reason alreadyinto the A518, could
> the OD carrier unit from the A618 be installed??

Seems logical but I would recommend you call someone like John Cope at CRT
to know for sure. John rebuilt my 518 for
racing and it works beautifully!

> I knew that the A500 was basically a 904LA with OD as
> the A518 was basically a 727 with OD. Different cases
> but almost all the internals are the same...

Hmmm, not so much I think. Though of similar design, the 904 internals are
much lighter duty than the 727. That's one reason they are preferred by
drag racers (they're a little quicker due to less reciprocating weight)
but...they are not as durable as a 727 and don't stand up as well against a
ton of power or use in a heavy street vehicle. Again, ask John Cope for
details if you're curious.

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