Re: Power wagon > Raptor ?

Date: Fri Mar 19 2010 - 16:17:41 EDT

Barry Oliver <> wrote:
> The whole plywood argument is overrated anyway, I bet every one of
> us [at least the 4x4 crowd here] has gone offroad more often than they
> have been called upon to haul plywood. Plus, tons and tons of plywood
> is hauled in S10's, mazdas, toyotas, and rangers every day just fine....

    I dunno - I've had to haul quite a bit of plywood, OSB, drywall,
pallets, etc. Lots of stuff is 4' wide. I make fairly frequent trips
to pick up sheet metal and one very annoying thing is that the plastic
drop-in bed liner in my '01 Ram makes the space between the wheelwells
less than 4'! So when I'm picking up a load of sheet metal, I've got
to throw a couple of pallets or something similar in the bed to
basically raise the floor up to the same level as the top of the wheel
wells. Whoever designed that bed liner should be demoted to the mail

    Still, I guess it does depend on the target demographic. If a
truck is going to go to the trouble of having a bed, I'd prefer it to
be actually useful. :-)


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