PCM Tuning

From: Jamie Calder (jcalder3@cfl.rr.com)
Date: Sat Mar 20 2010 - 21:39:54 EDT

What's the history on Dodge PCM tuning? When I was building my '93 OBD1
truck (around 2000), I was told the only thing I could do was to install a
Mopar Performance PCM. I think it was because Chrysler didn't release the
code unlike Chevy and Ford. Does this sound correct? I think OBD II PCMs
could be reprogrammed at that time, correct?
However now in 2010, there's a company http://www.bgperformancepcm.com/
that customs programs OBDI and II PCM's if you send them your engine specs
(cam, compression, etc). Has there been a change in the ability to custom
program OBD I PCM's? Are there any other known companies that can do this?
Thanks for any insight!

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