RE: Blown "Head" Gasket

From: Zito, James A (GE Infra, Energy) (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2010 - 15:02:08 EDT

 DML: Blown "Head" Gasket

Phillip B. writes: >> What else should I be looking for that would
point to a blown head gasket? <<

>Perhaps he said "manifold Gasket" and you heard "Head Gasket"... Maybe
not, but I
>do not understand how a blown head gasket would increase the noise..
That is
>typically a blown exhaust manifold gasket.. Like someone else said, try
>shop for the estimate....

>From experience I can assure you that a blown head gasket can increase
noise, if the gasket is blown it will provide another path for the sound
of the fuel detonation to travel. When my Ni$$an pickup blew a head
gasket it made what I can best describe as a knocking sound.


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