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From: Ray Block (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2011 - 21:24:03 EST

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> From: Josh Battles
> Sadly I had to part ways with my Dak. Sold it the first week of December
> 2010. I'm driving an E30 BMW now. It's a little rough around the edges
> but
> the main shell is rust free and it's had a full driveline rebuild within
> the
> past 20k miles. Aside from having to replace the fusebox it runs great and

> I
> really like driving it. The Dak was a great truck but this little car gets

> twice the mileage and handles much better. It's also really nice to have
> the power goodies and cruise again.
> I've recently discovered the wonderful world of NLA and having to buy
> simple
> parts off of the internets because they're 3x the price locally if they're

> even available.
> Here are some pics if anyone is interested:
> - Josh

Looks decent, Josh. I've always liked the older BMWs. NLA???


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