Re: RE: APB for an Oil Pan

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 22:37:05 EST

On Jan 28, 2011 9:12 PM, "Gary Hedlin" <> wrote:
> been down that road... no dice.
> This thing has me racking my nerves. The scenario is this... I've got
> a 340 I'm putting in the 98, I grabbed a magnum 5.2 oil pan... that
> doesn't clear the main caps. Grabbed a rear sump LA 318 pan, the
> front of the sump hits the crossmember of the truck. Called
> Schumacher, and their milodon pan is on backorder for a while. Plus
> with me having a 98, they really want nothing to do with me since
> their kit only goes to a 96.
> So I'm just trying to find this stupid pan before I get happy with the
> cutoff wheels. :)

Put the cutoff wheels down!

If you can't find a pan that has the sump in the right place, get a pan
without a sump. It would add a uniqueness to your project while allowing you
to not have to worry about clearances.

Check this guy out, saw this ad on for $100.
The ad said it was expired so here's the phone number in case it's taken
down: 310-650-3566
or 805-226-8360.

Might be worth a call, the pan looked like it would get the job done. If it
was me I would try and include it just because of the sticker on it.

- Josh

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