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From: Don (
Date: Fri Jun 24 2011 - 11:07:02 EDT

Looks like where the front driveshaft passes underneath it. Mine also has a
similar custom "clearance bend" for the front driveshaft.


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On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Jamie C <> wrote:

> I just noticed an area where the y-pipe is compressed making that section
> of
> the pipe much smaller then the rest. The pipe and engine are out of the
> truck right now so it's hard to figure out exactly where that crimped
> part coincides with the truck, but it's on the drivers side and possibly
> near where the pipe goes past the gear selector linkage assembly that's
> bolted to the frame. Maybe it's there to clear those parts? It's a '96
> 318
> 4x4. I know the diameter gets small at the press bends but this is just
> a
> slight curve where the compression is located.
> My questions are..
> Is this normal for this truck or was it compressed afterwards?
> Is the stock y-pipe a weak link in the exhaust system? The only mods are an
> M1 Intake and larger throttle body but I may upgrade from the cat back in
> the future when the rest of the exhaust goes.
> Walker makes a y-pipe and it looks like in the pituree that there's no
> compression in the area discussed:
> They use compression bends too but overall it look like it would flow
> better
> then stock (again, if my mild mods need "better then stock" exhaust)
> Thanks for any advise!
> James
> after thought...took some pics:

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