Re: Jon, you gots some 'splainin to do!

Date: Mon Jun 27 2011 - 21:49:17 EDT

Andy Levy <> wrote:

> When did this happen?

    Back in May sometime... I decided that I needed a sensible family
sedan. :-) I was not a fan of the Charger when it first came out, and
I'm pretty sure there is some ranting from me on that subject in the
DML archives. :-) But earlier this year a black SRT8 appeared in my
rear view mirror and rumbled past, then later I got another view as it
came back the other way - the experience lodged in my stupid brain and
wouldn't leave. I had no choice, really... :-) Some of the new
style Challengers are really beautiful, but I wanted the utility of a
usable back seat. The Charger isn't available with the manual
transmission, but the rest of the drivetrain is the same. The 300 is
available in SRT trim, but the styling is a bit stodgy for my taste.

    Its a pretty nice package overall - decent power, modern
conveniences, reliability, and I can drive it in inclement weather
without worrying about it. (It won't see snow, but I take it out in
the rain all the time. In fact, I think it actually looks its best in
a dark, rainy parking lot.) The ESP is a bit too agressive, but it
does come in handy on wet roads. I have to be careful with it though
lest I forget how to drive. You can be all sorts of stupid with the
gas pedal and the car will save you. I usually leave ESP off unless
its raining.

    So, there ya go. I posted a pic in my vehicles album on facebook
at the same time, I thought for sure somebody would notice it right
away when that happened, but it must not have posted to my wall.


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