Re: a 6x6 dakota on Ebay

Date: Tue Jun 28 2011 - 08:52:36 EDT

"Brian Cropp" <> wrote:

> What's wrong with the carfax? Two owners, the original owner, and now the
> dealer selling the truck. When you trade in a vehicle, you transfer
> ownership to the dealer accepting the trade.

The first title transfer was at 18 miles, the second at 7,620. The
truck currently has 22,364, so that second transfer wasn't to the
dealership, unless of course the dealership put nearly 15,000 miles on
the truck, in which case it really isn't true to say it had only one

There might be a reasonable explanation for that second title event,
like perhaps the original owner went through a divorce and the vehicle
title was transferred from his wife's name or into his name soley or
something along those lines (or maybe the 6x6 modification required
some title change?). If nothing else, the discrepancy is a red flag.


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