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Date: Fri Sep 02 2011 - 00:49:15 EDT

I agree with Dustin on this one. The bottle has the warning on there for a
reason. Lots of stuff out there that does not like aluminum. Simple Green is
an excellent cleaner and degreaser. It will eat aluminum. CLR said aluminum
no no... then I would heed the warning.

Consider the cost of what it might be to replace stuff like head gaskets or the
heads themselves... last I checked at work, Jag parts are not cheap.

My recommendation is to take it to a shop that you trust. Most shops have
invested in fancy machines that will do a cooling system flush quite well.
They can chemically clean the system of scale, build up, and sediment with
stuff that is designed for engine cooling systems and will not harm them.
Typically they should be able to back flush and clean the systems.
Backflushing is a good idea because as the name suggests, it pumps coolant
backwards from normal flow and can help dislodge gunk that builds up with
normal coolant flow.


In article <0B183DE29B5A44768DDFACABE9AB03C7@Maggie>, ("Azie L. Magnusson") writes: > > > My wife has a 2002 Jaguar Vanden Plas All aluminum > 4.0L V8.. Best road car I've ever been in & I love to drive > it. Lately it has overheated on 2 seperate occasions. Once > before I changed the T'stat & once after I changed it > (today).. It has to be the radiator not sufficiently transfering > the heat. Here goes with my Q.. Has anyone ever used CLR > around or in aluminum?? It states plainly on the container > not for use on aluminum.. However, I used it once in my '95 > Dakota that has an aluminum water pump & if I'm not > mistaken it also has an aluminum radiator. It cleaned the > radiator sufficiently to keep the truck from overheating again > & I still have the same rediator in it & the same water pump > on it. I drive it all the time. Keep in mind that after I ran the > truck/engine for a full day(approx 65 miles with 50 being > highway), I flushed it out thouroughly. & then flushed it out > again the next week.. > Too pull the radiator in the Jag, the manual says you have to > pull it with the A/C Condensing coil as a unit & that requires > evacuating the A/C system. > I want to empty a container of CLR into the radiator & drive > the car around for a day or so & put about 50-60 miles on > it & then flush it out a couple of times. What are the chances > of doing big $$$ worth of damage to the internals of the > all aluminum engine????? > Any & All opinions appreciated, but especially those that have > experience with CLR & aluminum!!!!!!! > Car has 133K+ miles on it. > > Have a great day, feed your Faith and > soon your doubts will starve to death! > > Azie >

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