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From: Ray Block (
Date: Sun Sep 04 2011 - 20:56:53 EDT

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> From: Kurt Cypher
> My Dak is a 97 v6 2wd extended cab. It was working fine on Wednesday,
> and then sat unused Thursday & Friday. On Saturday, my wife drove it
> to work (2 miles), <snip>
> After she got home, I went out and tried it, and it starts to fire,
> but then if I don't give it extra gas, it stalls out. If I give it
> extra gas while starting, it will start, and if I keep the revs up, it
> will keep running, but if I let off the gas, it will stall.
> Any thoughts, comments, suggestions or diagnostic questions?
> Thanks,
> Kurt

Most likely the battery. Not meaning the battery is bad, just that its low
on charge. Clues? 1. The truck is not driven often and not very far when
it is driven. 2. Doesn't want to start unless you press on the gas and then
keep the rpm up once it is running.

Seen this lots of times as has a dealer tech friend. My own Jeep suffers
this as well because I don't drive it often. My solution is to keep a
Battery Tender (brand name, look it up) on it if it has to sit more than a
week without a long drive. If you have a volt meter, check the battery
voltage with the engine off. If it's much less than 12.5v you've found
your problem. Or perhaps take it to Autozone and have them test the
battery and alternator output.


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