Re: RE: 97 2wd stalling

From: Kurt Cypher (
Date: Sun Sep 04 2011 - 21:54:35 EDT

On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 8:56 PM, Ray Block <> wrote:
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>> From: Kurt Cypher
>> My Dak is a 97 v6 2wd extended cab. It was working fine on Wednesday,
>> and then sat unused Thursday & Friday. On Saturday, my wife drove it
>> to work (2 miles), <snip>
> 1. The truck is not driven often and not very far when it is driven.

While we don't drive it every day, when it is driven, it normally gets
more than 2 miles on it. Wednesday, for example, I took it to work, 10
miles each way, plus some driving that evening.

My first thought was that it just seems weird that it could be
something like you were mentioning, since it came on so suddenly,
unless of course, it is the alternator going bad all of a sudden. Easy
enough to check.


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