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From: Gary Hedlin (
Date: Mon Sep 05 2011 - 01:06:08 EDT

Harbor freight has some decent engine lifts cheap... had mine for years, no
problem lifting engines, but I did break it getting a paper cutter out of my
05 for some odd reason. Welded it back together, reinforced it with some
plate, still does the job. :)


On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Barry Oliver <>wrote:

> Mike Sykes wrote:
>> Ok, I have been thinking about motors [my Dak has 160k miles and my
>> Durango has 170k] lately, and trying to decide on a plan<<
>> Option number C would be to go pick up some tools and a book on rebuilding
>> magnum engines and let the learning begin =)
>> - miggity
>> 00' R/T CC 408.
>> DMLer since 1996.
> The problem with option C is that I don't even have a tree in my front yard
> to hook the comealong to, anymore..

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