Re: We need another National Get Together.

Date: Fri Sep 09 2011 - 12:08:30 EDT wrote:
> Sound off folks - anyone got any interest in having another big get together? I
> don't even give a rats ass if people show up in Dakotas or not anymore. I just
> need to get the hell out of this town and have some fun.

    I am most definitely up for that! I'm not tied to any particular
location; if its Colorado again, I could live with that, as it was an
awesome area, however I also think it would be great to experience
someplace different and expand our horizons. Wherever it is, we
definitely need to get together again and inject some more adventure
into our lives. :-)

    I've still got all of the infrastructure in place that we used for
voting on and deciding where the national meet was held, activities,
etc. so if needed, that stuff can all be put back into play fairly
easily, or if we want to go more laid back and just discuss on the
list that's certainly fine too.

    Lets do this! :-)


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