Re: We need another National Get Together.

Date: Wed Sep 14 2011 - 00:09:37 EDT

In article <j4ddlu$amr$>, writes:

> I've still got all of the infrastructure in place that we used for
> voting on and deciding where the national meet was held, activities,
> etc. so if needed, that stuff can all be put back into play fairly
> easily, or if we want to go more laid back and just discuss on the
> list that's certainly fine too.
> Lets do this! :-)

Sounds good Jon... fire it up. Lets start off the same way we did before...
Picking a location.

Any place out west so far is good with me. From Colorado to the coast. At this
point I don't have any specific suggestions - but a friend of the family lives
out in CA, and he pretty much knows every back road, and cool out of the way
place to see out there. I could drop him a line and see if he has some
suggestions for some wheeling locations that are not too mainstream and tourist

LOL wouldn't that be funny - the East Coast Gang (the BBQ regs) head out to the
other coast and trade the khakis and for shorts, flip flops!

The other thing is when does this all go down? I'm in less than awesome
financial shape. A little time to see what I can come up with for funds and a
rig is going to be necessary... but that isn't anyones problem but mine... and
shouldn't be a factor for the group decision.


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