Finally, a cosmetic question

From: Tom Coulter (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2011 - 14:01:05 EDT

This question is different than most I've seen on the DML site - they're
usually mechanical/electrical.

It involves the headliner in the cab. After 14 years, my old '97 Dakota
Sport is showing aging signs in the cab. The felt headliner is peeling back
a few inches from the underling pad. Each tine I get in, I do the ritual:
calmly pet the liner onto the pad to get it to "stick" all along the
windshield, which it does for that errand. Next time I get in, I have to do
the samo samo.

I actually purchased a set of thumb tacks, thinking I might simply pin the
liner up by placing tacks every 3 inches or so. But then I thought this
approach was best left to the Low Riders.

Methinks it would be difficult to try to apply glue between the liner and
the pad, and I'd probably get glue on the windshield anyhow.

Has anyone else had this issue? What's the best solution? Staple gun?

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