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From: Tony (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2011 - 14:44:20 EDT

Mine started 2 years ago on my 97, didn't progress much at most 2" along the edge of windsheild.

3M has a spray glue for headliners, I didn't bother to try it...

at this point thats the least of my problems with the truck so...

need bumpers, tires, exhaust, radiator etc... so I can get another 200k out of it! needs to hit 500K before I can retire it!

Headliner I can do without! <grin>

on my old Dodge diplomat same thing but dropped everywhere, I ended up using a can of GREAT STUFF Foam, and smashing the headliner up pressing it into it, worked fine but sure was lumpy after the foam expanded and cured! Never dropped again though!


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>This question is different than most I've seen on the DML site - they're
>usually mechanical/electrical.
>It involves the headliner in the cab. After 14 years, my old '97 Dakota
>Sport is showing aging signs in the cab. The felt headliner is peeling back
>a few inches from the underling pad. Each tine I get in, I do the ritual:
>calmly pet the liner onto the pad to get it to "stick" all along the
>windshield, which it does for that errand. Next time I get in, I have to do
>the samo samo.
>I actually purchased a set of thumb tacks, thinking I might simply pin the
>liner up by placing tacks every 3 inches or so. But then I thought this
>approach was best left to the Low Riders.
>Methinks it would be difficult to try to apply glue between the liner and
>the pad, and I'd probably get glue on the windshield anyhow.
>Has anyone else had this issue? What's the best solution? Staple gun?

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