Flat Towing a 99

From: Thumpertoo (thumpertoo@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 24 2011 - 20:32:23 EDT

Hi All,

Haven't been in the list in awhile (ok, a couple years). Been busy with
life and such, But I had a question that I am sure one of you could answer.
 My Mom just has a 1999 Durango 4 wheel drive that she does not have an
owner's manual to. She just bought a motorhome and wants to flat-tow the
Durango behind the motorhome. My question is: what is the procedure to
prepare the transfer case for flat-towing behind another vehicle? I know
the procedure in my '02 Dak but not sure if it is the same with the durango
since her shifter is on the floor and mine is the electronic knob in the

If any of you have the owner's manual to a '99 or know the procedure off the
top of your heads your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again and look forward to catching up on 2 years of posts! :)

Bill Boggs
2002 Dakota Quad Cab Sport 4X4

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