Re: Flat Towing a 99

From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2011 - 14:25:03 EDT

On 24-Oct, 2011, at 20:32 , Thumpertoo wrote:

> She just bought a motorhome and wants to flat-tow the
> Durango behind the motorhome. My question is: what is the procedure to
> prepare the transfer case for flat-towing behind another vehicle?

As I recall the official position on flat towing an automatic/4x4 with a 231 tcase is "short distances only"

This is because the NV231 tcase is lubricated via a fluid pump that is driven off the *input* shaft.

I believe on a manual trans truck it's acceptable to leave the tcase in gear and the trans in neutral, but an automatic will starve for lubrication under those circumstances.

That said, there are many out there who flat tow Jeep Wranglers behind their RVs for thousands of miles with the tcase in neutral without issue - but your mileage may vary.


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