Re: Report from the traitor

From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Thu Nov 10 2011 - 10:18:44 EST

On 8-Nov, 2011, at 08:35 , Jim wrote:

> Ok folks almost 1k miles into driving the Toy truck, and here are my initial
> impressions...….

what'd you get? aside from obviously a Taco with an automatic…

> d. Dakota arm rests (door and console lid) were more comfy, Taco has very
> hard plastic in these locations.
the late 90s Mopar truck have some of the best out there from what I've seen.
> J. Headlights a lot brighter on the Taco than the Dak but they seem to be
> almost producing cohernet light as they seem to stop in a horizontal line
> about 4 car lenghts out.

E-code. 4 car lengths seems like they're aimed very low - it should be 4" below headlight centerline at 25' if I'm recalling right. If there's no leveling provision it's good that they're low in a truck though so everyone isn't blinded when there's something in the bed or on the hitch

I've put a couple hundred on my new-to-me '00 Frontier (4cyl/5sp/2wd) and I'm kinda liking it. Looks like it's getting near 30mpg too, haven't had a tank through it since fixing the trip meter.


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