Re: Engine quit, no fuel

Date: Tue Jan 17 2012 - 09:49:17 EST

Michael Maskalans <> wrote:

> On 15-Jan, 2012, at 19:27 , wrote:

>> I've been running the torpedo heater under the car for a while, made a
>> skirt around the vehicle with pieces of cardboard to help hold the
>> heat underneath. I seem to be heating things up pretty good under
>> there, but not so much luck starting yet.
>> It will start and run for a few seconds, then quit. Further cranking
>> does not cause a re-start. If I try again in 5 mins or so, it will
>> start, but then dies again after a few seconds.

> With all that heat, and the symptoms not changing, I'm thinking it's
> not ice. Especially with de-icer in the fuel. I'm also thinking
> fuel pump.

    Yeah, I don't see how it can be ice at this point. The temps went
back above freezing yesterday, and last night I went to the
gas station with a couple of cans. It started out with about 1/4
tank, I put 12 gallons in to fill it all the way up and added 2 more
bottles of Heet, to make a total of 3 (each bottle is supposed to
treat 20 gallons). Same deal. Started, ran for a few seconds and
then quit, cranking did not start it.

    The weird thing is that the longer I let it sit before trying
again, the longer it runs before quitting. A sit overnight will allow
it to run for 5 mins or so.

> If I'm not mistaken, the XJ uses the same setup as other Mopar
> trucks and you'll either be going through the floor or dropping the
> tank to access it. You'll see what sort of shape the pickup sock is
> in when you go for the pumpů

    Yes, it appears to be. I can see the top of the pump assembly on
top of the gas tank. I was really hoping they had put an access
hole in the floor of the cab, but based on some online searching, it
appears that dropping the tank is required. (Now that its full,
naturally.) If I could pull the pump out without dropping the tank, I
would pop it out and take a look, but I am running out of time and I
think I am going to have the local garage drop by with their rollback
and let them deal with it. I'll siphon as much gas back out of it as
possible so they aren't cursing me the whole time. ;)


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