From: M B (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2012 - 23:00:34 EST

Looks like the temp patch job I had an exhaust shop do to my exhaust about
18 months ago when the tailpipe rusted off at the muffler is failing (water
is leaking out from the welds in copious quantities in cold weather, etc).
 I'm looking at getting the Gibson side-exit exhaust system but I think the
cat at 144,000 miles is giving up the ghost. I was thinking of swapping in
a 3" cat. Anyone know of a fairly "direct fit" replacement that will fit
in the space of the original cat without too much cutting and welding?

I'd leave the system open after the muffler but it's REALLY resonant. It's
not bad in the cab and it sounds awesome when you start it up
(BWOOOMP-RUMBLE RUMBLE) but I don't want the attention it brings from the



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