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From: M B (
Date: Wed Jan 18 2012 - 21:01:31 EST

Nevermind, I found a 3" Magnaflow 94109 that all the 'vette and
Camaro/Firebird guys seem to like on in their warehouse deals
for $30 with free 2 day shipping! So I obviously went that route. ;)

Looks like has the Gibson exhust system for the 2nd gen Dak for
$328 with free 2 day shipping for prime members as well... I guess I'll
order that when the tax return arrives.


On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 8:00 PM, M B <> wrote:

> Looks like the temp patch job I had an exhaust shop do to my exhaust about
> 18 months ago when the tailpipe rusted off at the muffler is failing (water
> is leaking out from the welds in copious quantities in cold weather, etc).
> I'm looking at getting the Gibson side-exit exhaust system but I think the
> cat at 144,000 miles is giving up the ghost. I was thinking of swapping in
> a 3" cat. Anyone know of a fairly "direct fit" replacement that will fit
> in the space of the original cat without too much cutting and welding?
> I'd leave the system open after the muffler but it's REALLY resonant. It's
> not bad in the cab and it sounds awesome when you start it up
> (BWOOOMP-RUMBLE RUMBLE) but I don't want the attention it brings from the
> law.
> Thanks,
> M.B.

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