Re: old gas

Date: Thu Mar 22 2012 - 22:03:31 EDT

Hell, some of us get our kicks off trying to get stuff running that has been
sitting for years with stale gas. Drain the tank, throw in a can of seafoam,
fuel up with high test, and run er through.


In article <>, (Jamie C) writes: > > > I have a Dakota that's been sitting for almost 2 years and I'm finally > getting around to installing the engine I rebuilt. > Obviously the gas has "varnished" so I know I need to drain the tank but > what about the residue that's left? Is it worth pulling the bed and > removing the pump/filter so I can wipe down the inside of the tank? > I'm thinking if I just drain the tank, flakes of varnish may eventually > come loose and start clogging the sock. Is this possible? > Also, what about the inside walls of the fuel lines? Should I worry about > that? > Perhaps I'm overly concerned and draining the tank is good enough. > Thanks or any advise. > Jamie >

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