Re: 08-10 Dakotas?

Date: Tue Mar 27 2012 - 14:14:53 EDT

They made dakotas after 2004?

In article <>, (Barry
Oliver) writes:
> Dammit I got the itch again. I was surfing around the other night and
> clicked on an AUTO TRADER link and got this:
> Yeah, it's a bit expensive, yeah it's got more miles than I would want,
> but I have a Thing for yellow, and that truck just seems to sing to me.
> The good news is it's over 200 miles away and I am busy this weekend
> so hopefully someone else will buy it and rid me of the temptation. I
> think the Gen 4's look like crap, so there's no temptation there, but
> the 08-10's did get some of their "beefy" back. I can already see the
> 33x12.50's...
> So, what's the list's opinion on the newest and last Dak's?

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