Re: Re: old gas

Date: Wed Mar 28 2012 - 09:01:12 EDT

Jamie C <> wrote:

> Thanks but I don't think turning the key to the on position will apply a
> continuous 12v to the pump to drain the tank, or will it?
> I also realize applying 12v to it will turn it on, however what's the
> easiest way to do this? Through the PDC or fuse panel?
> Thanks for any help.

The pump will run for a few seconds when turning the key on, so
probably not what you want unless you've got a lot of time to spare.

To drain the tank, I'd recommend simply using a hose to siphon it out
the filler neck. That will be the quickest method, doesn't require
you to disconnect any fuel lines, and also if there is any crud
floating around in the gas, this may allow it to go out that tube
instead of through your pump. Since part of the reason for draining
the gas in the first place is to prevent it from entering your fuel
system, using the pump to drain it would be a bit counter-productive
since it will force the old gas to go through the intake filter sock
which may plug it, if that is a concern.


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