Alignment tool for Sliding Upper Control Arm

From: Mike & Sharon Higgins (
Date: Tue May 15 2012 - 22:57:53 EDT

Maybe I'm too old-fashioned to know better, but I had my 1999 Dakota aligned
today, and asked about the tool he was using to slide the upper control arm
and keep the bushing pivot bar in one place. He told me "Just a big pry
bar". I remember a tool that reminded me of a Grappling Hook; it had the
long bar, but with a hinged hook at the end, and a peg at the point. The peg
at the point was to insert into the hole in the frame next to the sliding
arm hinge, and the hook would easily move back and forth to change Camber,
and would change Caster by moving only the back or front one at a time.

I also remember some one of the tool companies developed a tool that would
do the same job, but without the long bar. It had the same kind of hook to
fit over the control arm hinge pin, but was just small enough to fit right
next to the control arm assembly. There was a kit that consisted of two
such pieces, and they would allow you to put them in place, and then loosen
the control arm bolts. The tool had a screw built in to move the control arm
in any way that you needed, and when you got it right, just tighten the
bolts and remove the little tools.

Does anyone remember these tools? Do you know if they are available at any
online catalog?

Mike Higgins
1999 Dakota ( with new tires and alignment)

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