Re: My yearly crash

From: M.B. (
Date: Sat May 26 2012 - 21:14:50 EDT

Meh, it's not too bad from what I've been able to see. Looks mostly
like a new bumper, headlight bezel and turn signal. It didn't touch the
fender at all.

On the downside, the old biddy didn't report it to her insurance, and
when the adjuster called from my insurance company she told him that she
had a "green arrow" (as in, protected left) and that she thought I ran
the red light, contrary to everything she said the night before.

My adjuster went to Google Maps and did a street view and didn't see a
protected left signal there, but didn't know the age of the images. So
I went out and took a picture of the "green arrow":

Sadly for her, no such "green arrow" exists at that intersection. It's
always an unprotected left. Sucks to be her, the lying little


On 5/24/2012 9:14 AM, Michael Maskalans wrote:
> On 24-May, 2012, at 05:21 , M.B. wrote:
>> Well, it looks like me getting in a car crash in a Dakota is becoming an annual event. Last year it was T-boned by a Camry in my friend's Dak, this year (3 whole days shy of a year from the first accident) I'm driving home and an old lady out past her bedtime didn't realize she didn't have a protected left turn and tried to make one just as I arrived at the intersection going straight.
>> Her car got the worst of it, the Dakota doesn't look too bad from what I could see in the dark. I just tried to drive over her hood like a monster truck:
> Hopefully not too bad, but what a pain.
> I can't imagine your suspension brackets liked that loading too well, hopefully everything is still where it belongs.
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> Michael Maskalans
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